I have bought these before and will buy them again. Great prizes to motivate my (college) students who are learning about public health and the environment.

Diana Richards

The silverware is shiny, lightweight yet sturdy. The butter knives are sharper than most which makes them quite useful. We are thoroughly pleased and would buy this set again.

Jacob Firebird

I’ve never received any hard plastic toys from recur only these wonderful soft PVC toys . I have both dinosaurs and sharks. I’ve also bought similar toys like this at Hobby Lobby that were not recur.

George Green

Initial impression is good. Assembly took a while. Close to 2.5 hrs with electric driver. Hammer is needed. Assembly instruction provided in the booklet were just fine and easy to understand.

Stefan Sweet

Tongs are never easy to clean as well as pieces Glued together. If these were one solid piece they would be a bit easier to clean but the tongs.

Alex Violet


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