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  • Full length sizer die. Features expander – decapping unit. Also includes seater die with bullet seater plug.

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reloader special

explorer press


Over 75 Years of Reloading history

RCBS is a leading U.S. manufacturer of precision reloading equipment. Ever since 1943, when Fred T Huntington founded the company in the back of his father’s Oroville, California, laundry and dry-cleaning plant, the company and its employees have gone to extreme lengths to provide customers the highest-quality reloading tools and accessories.

Everything you need to Reload

RCBS offers precision engineered reloading products. Our most iconic being the Rock Chucker Press.

We pride ourselves in building the highest quality products that last for decades of reloading.

We offer a full line of single stage and progressive presses, as well as dies, powder dispensers, and everything you need to create your perfect reloading bench.

Quality Built in the USA

RCBS is proud that its products are made in the USA by Americans.

Our most popular items include our Chargemaster Combo and Chargemaster Lite powder dispensers and our Rock Chucker Press and Rock Chucker Kits.

If you’re new to reloading, consider one of the many RCBS Kits to get you started. From there you can add Case Prep products and upgrade individual products to speed up the process or hone the accuracy of your special load.

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