Pet Bird Leash Parrot Foot Chain Stainless Steel 304 Anklet Ring (Model 15, 14.5mm)



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  •          1. Check description of other bird foot anklet ring diameter size .One package includes 1 Bird Foot Chain +1 bird anklet ring +accessories.9 different size for optionals ,rust and corrosion resistant, easy to wear, durable for a long time using
  • 2. We suggest wear the anklet ring without connecting the chain first at the beginning, as some birds might be frighten and can not get used to the bird chain at the beginning, after your bird get used to the anklet ring, then you can try to attach the chain to it, important is just Step by Step,not too hurry
  • 3. The chain is with rotary buckle,which allow the birds move freely.Total Length: Model 4/5/6/7 length is around 60cm, model 8/9/10/12/15 length is around 42mm, including the two sides accessories’ length. NO.12&NO15 is with 2 solid rings to make it stronger, even amazon/macaw parrot is no problem
  • 4. NO.4, bird foot ring inside diameter is around 4mm,Budger/White Java Sparrow/Australia Neophema Grass Parakeets(e.g: Splendid Grass Parakeet/Bourke’s Grass Parakeet/Bourke/Turquoise Parrot/Orange bellied Grass Parakeet/Scarlet chested Grass Parakeet/Blue winged Grass Parakeet/Elegant Parrot


  • 5. NO.15, bird foot ring inside diameter is around 14.5mm, for Big Size Sulphur Crested Cockatoo/Umbrella Cockatoo/Blue-eyed Cockatoo/Sulphur Crested Cockatoo/Most Big Size Macaws(Ara Chloroptera,Green Winged Macaw,Red and Green Macaw/Blue & Yellow Macaw,Ara ararauna/Indigo Macaw/Hyacinth Macaw/Scarlet Macaw)/Big Owl     


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