Masakali Affordable Paper Straws 100-Pack


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  • DON’T LET PAPER FOOL YOU, OUR STRAWS HOLD UP – What’s better than saving the environment & enjoying a cold refreshing drink at the same time? Our Eco-friendly paper straws are durable & won’t disintegrate, letting you enjoy yourself on warm summer days.
  • 🥤GET THE WILDEST SELECTION OF DAZZLING COLORS ON AMAZON – You get to choose between delicious orange, fruity yellow, lush green, fancy purple & a host of other harmonious colors. Our Vandore pack comes with 6 magnificent shades while our biodegradable 200 & 400 boxes come with a wide array of 10.
  • 🥤SAVE THE PLANET FROM THE DANGERS OF PLASTIC – It’s hard to tell the difference between plastic straws & our paper straws. The high-quality finish gives our straws an elegant feel while the toughness makes them water resistant for days. Our packaging comes without a shred of plastic making this purchase the first step to Eco-friendliness.
  • 🥤A GREEN ADDITION TO ANY EVENT – The vibrant colors will complement any festive event you have in mind. Whether it’s a birthday party, a bridal shower or even a wedding, the guests will love how beautiful our straws look while they nourish their delicious drinks. Our straws are a perfect size (7.75”) making it easy to go in & take a refreshing sip during bustling parties.
  • 🥤THE SAFEST STRAWS YOU’LL EVER BUY – Each straw is 100% biodegradable and BPA free. We use high-end paper & secure food safe ink that’ll never come off even if you have your straws in liquid the entire day. You can even wash and re-use our disposable straws if you’ve grown fond of the color.

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