Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can



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  • 【More Fun Than “Regular” Piggies Bank 】– The kids could set his own code and enjoys that it “eats” the paper money. The bills are pulled in by a sensor, which kids absolutely love to do over and over again!—PLS NOTE: Do not put hair, fingers, clothes or other foreign bodies into the entrance of the money box to avoid injury and accidents.
  • 【Note: Magical Switch Inner】– There is a switch inside the safe door which controls voice and beep sound. If you keep it in the voice side, when typing in your each pin, it will say “password please”. This “password please” = beep sound. So all you have to do is enter you pin just ignore the “password please”. If you want to stop this voice, just switch the inner switch inside the door from voice to beep sound. Then you will hear beep sound when you type your password.
  • 【Hold Coins and Dollar Bills, Electronic ATM Style Password Bank】 – You insert coins into the top of the money bank and you insert bills into the side. It has 2 lights. The red light indicates that you have input the wrong code. The green line indicates that the code is correct.
  • 【Password Piggy Bank】 – Password is preset but can be personalized. If forget the new code you can simply remove the batteries and wait for 20 mins, it will reset the default code to “0000”.
  • 【Money Box Material】– High quality plastic, sturdy and not break easily. Size: 13.5*12.5*19.5cm. Operated by 3*AA batteries (Batteries not included).


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