Affordable Paper Straws 400-Pack


Our box of paper straws comprises of the following colors and their respective quantities:

❆ 40 x Purple ❆ 40 x Yellow ❆ 40 x Orange ❆ 40 x Red ❆ 40 x Pink

❆ 40 x Blue ❆ 40 x Sky Blue ❆ 40 x Teal ❆ 40 x Green ❆ 40 x Light Green

Moreover, our paper straws are even reusable! They are made with thick cardboard and can be rinsed and put out to dry for reuse later, as they will return to their original hardened quality state once dry. Multiple benefits in such a low price!

Our paper straws are 100% BPA free and completely eco-friendly. We care about the environment and also about our valued customers. The straws are colored with food-safe ink and do not melt in drinks.

Rest assured, our top priority is for our customers to be satisfied and to enjoy their events! If you have any questions whatsoever or feel unsatisfied for any reason at all, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you!

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Biodegradable paper straws are the perfect replacement for plastic straws. By using paper straws, you will be saving the environment from harmful plastic toxins and trust us, you will sleep better at night too!

Apart from their regular use in soft drinks, paper straws can also be used for smoothies, shakes or even fresh juices. They are wide, strong and extremely sturdy. And the colorful stripes add more attractiveness and color to your kitchen!

Apart from their regular use in drinking, you may even use them for household supplies, decorations or accessories for a birthday, party, baby shower, bridal shower, picnic, wedding or bachelorette party!

If you have children at home, your baby boy or baby girl would love to play with these colorful paper straws. We offer 10 different and unique colors to add some more fun to our pack! ❆ 40 x Yellow ❆ 40 x Orange ❆ 40 x Red ❆ 40 x Pink ❆ 40 x Blue ❆ 40 x Dark Blue ❆ 40 x Hot Pink ❆ 40 x Green ❆ 40 x Dark Green

There is a transparent window in the front of our box to give a peek of all the fun colors stored inside.


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